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I think I've fainted. Its just so much work to just check my notifications! I once got 4567 notifications in my inbox once, and it was a pain to go through. As much as I love y'all, I don't like just going and saying thanks to all of you wonderful peeps who favorite, watch, and send me llamas! I'm not trying to be rude and not say thanks, but its tedious to go to EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. And just comment "thanks for the ________ ." I think I've fainted.

:happybounce: So, I found something better to do. :happybounce:


Whatever it was. Starlight clapping

Celestia That llama was amazing to meet,
heart The favorite was something to keep forever in your favorite folder and my mind as for somepony likes meh stuff, other than me.
No no no And that download was something for you to enjoy. (Make it your wallpaper, *hint hint*)
Mlp Doublechin Icon And thanks for that hate, if you ever gave me any of that stuff. "You know you accomplished something when you get haters." ~MlpSugarBlossom

fluttershy emote 1 And the watch you gave me was very much appreciated. (As well as the one you gave me so I can time myself while I draw. *Bu dum dum ksh!*)

[ Icon ] Hatsune Miku Overall, you peeps are the best!

(Sugar Blossom!)


Sugar Blossom
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm just an average high school teen with nothing better to do than study, draw, study..... Did I mention study?

"Friendship. What is it? The only ship we need." ~ A close friend of mine

I'm the person who'd scream if they get pencils/erasers for a gift~

If I lose an eraser, its the end of the world

I'm broke of points, and I have no friends outside this account. Give me some support please, I've become Diamond Tiara (Seasons 1-4 version) full time.

Definition of me:

The person who doesn't feel okay 85% of the time but tells you they're okay so they don't worry you.

-Has a severe case of Molluscophobia

Something you should know before talking to me for the first time or any time at all... I have a bad case of Androphobia (Fear of MEN)

Knowing that sentence above and it's understood, you might guess my preferences easily.

'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Too Cute by Sonira-Stamps Opinion And Fact Stamp by xXPariahsXx Moronic Swearing Stamp by xXPariahsXx Don't Swear Stamp by katanabrin It's Okay To Cry Stamp by xXPariahsXx Gay is Not A Disease Stamp by xXPariahsXx Friends by Briefasa Sensitivity Is Not Gay by xXPariahsXx Thanks for the Fave ::Stamp:: by Zayix I Hate Math - l8 by stamps-club Internet Addict - SafariSyd by stamps-club Insanity Stamp by Skyarr Not Mean... - LostKitten by stamps-club I'm Bored - student-4-ever by stamps-club <--- Bad for you, GREAT for me Heh heh Think Intensely Stamp-Meljoy68 by stamps-club Sanity Is For The Weak by stamps-club Creatively Insane by stamps-club Called characters for a reason by IrkenZar What is Mary Sue? by shadow-otm Mary Sue by jones2000 Anti-rape stamp by Maran-Zelde People Person stamp by Maran-Zelde Srsly by Daakukitsune Stamp Addict stamp by Daakukitsune Stamp- teen authors by Lady-Xella Dorky Stamp by Trounced :stamp: by Ishaway NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz I Support Chocolate Stamp by JunkbyJen I Support Traditional Art by JunkbyJen the truth stamp by manic-pixie Art Geek Stamp by xoxostudios The Early Stamp by Busiris Opinion stamp by TheCynicalHound STOOPID stamp by inkscripter I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion Omnivore Stamp by Nestly OCs Stamp by BowChickaBowWow Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan Yaoi Stamp by Bextron5000 Admin Stamp by susieboo22 Beware The Nice Ones Stamp by susieboo22 Writing is Art Stamp by susieboo22 Writing stamp by piratekit Writing is passion by SilverMoon255 I Kill My Characters by MysteriousBob777 Stamp: Characters are children by Jammerlee My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27 Original Character Personality by Stamp221 Always tired... by prosaix My Head is a Very Dark Place Stamp by CRIMlNALS vague stamp is vague by Aphose LGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-Rose LGBT Rights, don't agree GTFO by Lizzie-Doodle uh by BaconMagic shit don't work that way cupcake by BaconMagic DEM WIMMINZ ALWAYS TRICKIN US MENS WAT HORS!!1 by Dametora what, are you god? by Dametora It Makes Me Do My Dance of Rage by endler It Makes Me Do My Dance of Rage by endler It Makes Me Do My Dance of Rage by endler It Makes Me Do My Dance of Rage by endler It Makes Me Do My Dance of Rage by endler It Makes Me Do My Dance of Rage by endler So Much Rage Noises Here FU SO RAAAAAAAAAAAAA by endler Stamp: Respect your body you worthless whore by Riza-Izumi Wahh kids r gods gifts teens are satan1!1! by Little-rolling-bean Stamp: Because I said so by Riza-Izumi Yer buring fer beeing reelistic11!! by Little-rolling-bean You sound like a fucking idiot by KrisTheTrashLord Stamp: I know, geography is tough by KrisTheTrashLord I don't take people's word on anything. by World-Hero21 Talk shit, get hit. by World-Hero21 If I'm a troll to you, DON'T FEED ME. by World-Hero21 Female bullies exist by Clelius real men identify as men by BaconMagic ain't nothing wrong with being a virgin by BaconMagic real men identify as men by BaconMagic Emotional Boys stamp by nothinplz it's ok to hate yourself but not to like yourself by BaconMagic ain't nothing wrong with being normal by BaconMagic Stamp request -Edgy by Pixelated--Coffee Never Judge A... by GreedLin Replying - Stamp by TheStampCollector Sarcasm Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Tracing Stamp by StampMeisters Tracing IS NOT Referencing by magica I'm Lesbian and Proud stamp by Twilight-Witch I'm a Lesbian So What by Zinnia-Aster


Reference Page for OC
If you just want a reference page for your oc, I'll draw one for you! You have the option to ask for a cutie mark close-up and/or color scheme pallet.
Well, I don't have a lot of time for this. So when you give me those points, you're giving me support, and you're giving me time!
Something not Ponies
Idk how to explain this. Anything that's not ponies!

I can draw anime just fine. But not full body.  XD
If you ask for an anime character, I'll draw it to the hips. Can't draw past that.

Chibis! I draw them well! I'll gladly draw full body for you!
Request Files
It's only  10 :points: with a background. It's 2 :points: if it's more than one pony. Otherwise, it's free!


MlpSugarBlossom has started a donation pool!
21 / 222
I need points... It's all I need to get some stuff going, so please help, little by little. Every little point counts!

Also, use this donation pool to pay for the commissions and point auctions.

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